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Health Guidelines

    Health Guidelines

    A nursing office is located on the ground floor of the HS building and provides services to high school students. The main nursing office is located on the ground floor of the Middle School building. The School Nurse, a registered nurse (RN) is employed by the school and is available during the school day at each of these offices. A log is kept of all treatment administered to students. The nurse’s office is not equipped to have students rest or sleep for extended periods of time. Students who become ill or injured will be sent home. In the event of a serious injury or illness, the nurse will contact the parents or guardian so the student can be transported to a medical center or hospital for further evaluation. If necessary, the nurse or a designated person will accompany the student to the medical facility and meet the parent there. Costs associated with emergency treatment or transportation are the responsibility of the parents.


    Parents are asked to notify the School Nurse of any infectious diseases or of any change in the health status of a student, (e.g. a vaccination, illness or operation).

    Many of the most common illnesses (colds, influenza, hepatitis A & B, chicken pox, and conjunctivitis) result from viral infections. Antibiotics are ineffective in treating or preventing the spread of viral illness -­rest, adequate hydration and time are required for the body to overcome the infection. In order to minimize the spread of viral infection and to ensure the quickest recovery, it is important for parents to keep students at home if they are sick.

    SSIS maintains a “Fever Free” environment and requires all students stay home if they have or have had a temperature of over 37.5 degree Celsius within the past 24 hours. Additionally, if your child is vomiting or has other signs of an illness that might be transmitted to others, please keep them home from school. This policy supports our efforts to maintain a healthy environment.

    Parents are requested to inform the HS office if a student will be absent due to illness prior to 8:00 am (See the Attendance Policy for complete information about reporting an absence.)

    Email: Ms. Thao Nguyen -­(

    Telephone: 5413-­0901, extension 33050

    In the event of extended illness where the student will be absent for a number of days, parents are requested to contact the school nurse.

    Email: Ms. Lan Nguyen -­(

    Telephone 5413 ­0901, extension 11070/31000


    Injuries received during the school day will be evaluated by the school nurse. Notification procedures as outlined above will be followed in the event that the nurse determines the student should leave school for rest or further evaluation. If a student needs accommodation (wheelchair, elevator, or other assistance device), either for a short or long-­term medical condition, please contact the school nurse for assistance.

    Medication at School

    If you wish the school nurse to store or administer medication during school hours, please send written authorization including the following information:

    •  The name of the student receiving the medication and the current date

    •  The name and description of the medication

    •  Scheduled time(s) and duration for the administration of the medication

    •  Instructions for administration of the medication

    •  The name and contact information of the prescribing M.D.

    •  A description of any possible side effects

    All medicines must be in their original container and clearly labeled in English. For prescription medication, please provide a copy of your doctor’s prescription. A few over-­the-­counter medications (e.g. Panadol, Ibuprofen) are available and can be given if parental permission is on file as part of the medical authorization form submitted at the time of enrollment. For safety reasons, we ask that students do not carry medications of any type at school.

    Strategies in Place to Control Drug & Alcohol Use/Abuse at SSIS

    •  Upon enrollment, students and their parents are encouraged to read the necessary guidelines and references regarding the control of drugs and alcohol in this handbook. The signature page in the back of this handbook and planner will be required during the first few weeks of school.

    •  Drug and alcohol awareness curricular programs for students and parents are in place and are advertised via the high school newsletter.

    •  Drug and alcohol information and counseling is available for students and families seeking support. Contact the student’s counselor.

    •  Random searches of a student’s person, bag, possessions and/or locker may be carried out under the supervision of two members of the school administration.

    •  Hair or urine testing for drug identification may be carried out at random and/or when drug use is suspected. Such tests will be conducted under the supervision of trained medical personnel and a member of the School Management Team. 

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