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Section 3: Student Support and Safety Information

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    Counseling Services

    SSIS has two counselors available to support high school students in their academic, social and emotional growth. The counselors offer support services for students and families as they manage issues of studying and living in an international environment. The goal is to promote personal well-­being, healthy relationships and a successful balance of academic, extracurricular and community involvement for SSIS students. Our counselors also offer a wide range of resources to assist students and their families with college planning. The counselors have a large selection of reference guides, college catalogues, and admissions testing materials and are available to assist students with the college search and application process.

    The counselor is often one of the first staff members new students and parents meet; they assist with initial placement through review of academic records and development of a suitable study program.

    Typical issues may involve:

    •  Social relationships

    •  Emotional regulation

    • Time management

    • Academic planning and decision making

    • Problem solving and life skills development

    • Crisis intervention

    • Adjustment to a new school and environment.

    The formal aspect of the counseling program differs for each grade level. In grade 9, students are supported in their transition from middle school. In grade 10, the focus is on enabling students to assess and evaluate their own achievements, interests, skills abilities, values and personal characteristics. In grade 11, the formal college-­counseling program begins and continues throughout grade 12. The focus is on providing information on college/career awareness and assistance in researching options and preparing applications for future educational choices. As students prepare for graduation, the emphasis is on the transition from high school to college or the workplace.

    Students in all grades are assigned to a counselor based on the first letter of their last name as indicated:

    Last Name A-­L & Advisory Coordinator: Mr. Robert Kostrzeski

    Last Name M-­Z & Standardized Testing Coordinator: Ms. Erin Hawken

    Students and parents may contact their child’s counselor directly. A teacher, principal or other faculty/staff member may also refer a student to the counseling office. Should the need for counseling be ongoing or of a nature beyond the services able to be provided by SSIS, students may be required by the school to seek outside professional assistance. In recognition that effective counseling is built upon trust, the counselor is considerate of issues of confidentiality when working with students and their families.


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