SSIS Link Handbook Compendium DA Student Handbooks 03 HS Section 2: SSIS Philosophy, mission, and core values Our Core Values

Our Core Values

    We believe and promote:

    Academic Excellence

    A challenging academic program based on American standards that teaches students how to think, to learn, to problem solve, and to work both individually and in teams while acquiring the foundational knowledge and skills needed to be successful in today’s world.


    Sense of Self

    A community atmosphere in which each student can gain a sense of ‘who they are’ in the world; to develop self-­confidence, strong character, conviction, leadership abilities, grace, courage, the desire to be a lifelong learner, and the commitment to achieve excellence in all they do.


    Dedicated Service

    A view that looks beyond oneself to the assets and needs of the surrounding community and the world. The model SSIS graduate will demonstrate a caring attitude, act as a catalyst for change, serve as effective global citizens and environmental stewards.


    Balance in Life

    An academic program that promotes an appreciation for all of life and seeks to balance the sciences with the humanities; academics with the arts; mental wholeness with physical, social and spiritual wholeness; and future career with family relationships.



    Respect for All

    A perspective that each individual is a person of worth.


    Saigon South International School students will:


    1. Achieve academic excellence:

    • Demonstrate mastery of subject area content
    • Demonstrate an ability to think and problem-­solve effectively
    • Work individually and collaboratively
    • Demonstrate effective communication skills in spoken and written English
    • Use technology responsibly and effectively


    2. Have a sense of self:

    • Express their convictions and viewpoints effectively
    • Display the attributes of a lifelong learner
    • Exhibit positive character and moral convictions


    3. Understand service:

    • Demonstrate social and environmental responsibility


    4. Seek a balance in life:

    • Involve themselves in a variety of co-­curricular activities
    • Lead a healthy lifestyle


    5. Respect all:

    • Display the capacity to work effectively with others of differing identities, cultures, backgrounds    and beliefs
    • Exhibit the social skills needed to deal with a variety of situations
    • Express an appreciation of the different cultures of the world


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