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Appendix 4


    Saigon South International School welcomes students of all nationalities to apply for enrolment. SSIS admits qualified students who meet the admission criteria of the school while adhering to nationality balance guidelines. Students are accepted after a careful file review and completion of the academic assessments.

    SSIS offers limited learning support, and therefore is unable to accommodate students with serious physical or learning disabilities or special emotional needs requiring attention beyond what is available from the regular classroom teacher, school counselors and the learning support specialist.

    No admission decision will be made until the school has received all required documents and application fees.

    Required Documentation for Admission of Students into Grades 9-­12

    •   Completed student application form

    •   Completed medical authorization form

    •   Completed health form (including immunization records)

    •   School Records Release Form (where applicable)

    •   Copies of school reports from the previous two years (in English)

    •   Copies of any available standardized test results (for example, the IOWA test)

    •   Copy of Individual Education Program (IEP), if applicable

    •   Copies of any Psycho-­Educational Evaluations, if applicable

    •   Official transcript for students showing all courses completed since the start of

         grade 9

    •   Copy of student’s passport

    •   Copy of parent’s/guardian’s passports

    •   2 passport-­sized photographs of the student

    Grade Placement at Time of Admission

    Students in grades 9 -­11 are generally admitted into the grade following the one that they most recently completed if the system of education is similar to SSIS. Where the systems are different, the student’s age and previous school curriculum will be factors in determining the grade placement. Students who arrive at SSIS during the second semester after having completed a full year in a previous school will be placed in the same grade level they have just completed. Similarly, students who enter at the beginning of the SSIS school year and have left their previous school mid-­way through an academic year will continue in the same grade.

    English as an Additional Language (EAL) Admissions Policy

    The language of instruction at SSIS is English. Admission of EAL students is made on a limited basis and with the intention of maintaining a diversity of cultures within the student body.

    The table below outlines the English language requirements and expectations for admission to SSIS. All EAL students will be tested for proficiency in reading, writing and spoken English at the time of application. Where appropriate, EAL students will be placed in an EAL program to support their transition to the mainstream English language curriculum.

    Grade 9 -­ 12 students must have previous English language skills to be considered for admission
    Grades 9 & 10 Grades 11 & 12
    All students admitted to SSIS must achieve the grade 9 minimum English language requirement before entry into grade 9. In some cases, this may require a placement into the EAL or Writing Development classes.

    Advanced level of fluency required in English language

    reading, writing and speaking skills.

    Withdrawal and Provision of Transcripts

    Families are requested to notify the school Admissions Office and complete a Departure Notice Form immediately upon confirming that they will be withdrawing from SSIS. A minimum of two weeks’ notice is requested to ensure that all documentation can be arranged to assist students in their transfer to another school.

    All student requests for documentation, including letters of reference from SSIS, should be made to the Counseling Office, who will work with teachers to complete the requested documents.

    Students must complete a Student Clearance Form (available from the Admission Office) that verifies that all materials on loan from the school have been returned. This process must be completed at least one day before the final day of attendance at SSIS.

    Transcripts are maintained for all students in grades 9 -­12 and will be issued once all leaving procedures have been completed and the school finance officer has indicated no outstanding fees remain.


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