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CC07c Absences of Foreign Hires

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    All absences by administrators or must be reported to Head of School. In the case of non-teaching employees or faculty, absences should be reported to the Business Office or to teacher’s divisonal principal. Any approved additional days off other than vacation, breaks, and paid holidays during the year will be unpaid.

    The supervision of students is a professional responsibility and it is understood that adults must be present on campus to fulfill the obligation of the school for the safety and welfare of students. It may be necessary, on occasion, for an employee to leave campus during the work day. However, for reasons of safety and adequate supervision, the School has a need to know the whereabouts of employees in the event of an emergency situation on campus or involving SSIS students or personnel off campus.

    Faculty who leave the SSIS campus for a period of no more than fifteen minutes (e.g. to smoke or purchase food at a nearby store or restaurant) must inform their divisional secretary or direct supervisor before departing campus and upon their return.

    If an employee must be absent from campus for more than fifteen minutes, he or she must first obtain permission from either a divisional principal or a senior administrator.


    Absence from work for a period of three consecutive scheduled workdays without proper notification, satisfactory excuse given to the employee’s direct supervisor, and written approval from the Head of School will be construed to be an abandonment of employment and a voluntary resignation from the individual’s position at SSIS. Employees who are absence without approval risk termination of contract.


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