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CC06 Personnel Records and Data


    The School maintains two types of personnel files: business and professional. Business files contain details of the employee’s contracts with the School, work records, pay records, leave records and similar matters; these files are kept by offices reporting to the Associate Head of School for Finance and Operation and to the Head of School. Professional files contain records pertinent to the staff member’s assignments, performance, and evaluation. These files are kept in the office of the divisional principal and digital copies are made available to the Head of School for archiving.

    Business and professional files are confidential records. Business files are open for inspection only for official use by the Head of School and the Associate Head of School for Finance and Operation and by staff specifically authorized by the Head of School or the Associate Head of School for Finance and Operation.

    Professional files are open for inspection only for official use by the Head of School, the appropriate divisional principal, the employee’s immediate supervisor, and (with the Head of School’s specific permission) by representatives from agencies, such as accreditation agencies or government offices which have a legitimate need to verify employees’ professional record or compensation. After consultation with the Head of School, the Board Chair shall have access to a individual staff member’s business or professional file to view relevant documents prior to a meeting pertaining to that individual’s record. An example of such a situation would be an appeal in the grievance process.

    Except for agencies and offices noted above, personnel records will not be made available to anyone outside the School, and will not be sent to other schools or organizations, except by the written request and permission of the employee or by legal subpoena. The employee may request digital copies of his or her own records; however, employees will not have access to pre-employment references or other confidential papers intended for pre-employment evaluation. It also may not be possible to give an employee copies of business files if they contain confidential information pertaining to individuals other than the employee making the request. 

    Should an employee disagree with statements made within documents in his or her business or professional file, he or she may submit a response, either physically or electronically, to be included within the appropriate folder.


    It is the responsibility of each employee to promptly notify the School of any changes in personnel data such as personal mailing addresses, telephone numbers, the number and names of dependence, individuals to be contacted in the event of emergency, educational accomplishments, and other such vital information. This data should be accurate and current at all times. If any personnel data changes, the employee should notify the Human Resource Department.

    Emergency and other important information is shared with the faculty through SMS messaging and thus it is important that the employee update his or her contact information with the School. For example, in the event of a natural disaster, the school may need to find faculty outside of campus. Therefore, any change of residence or phone number during the year should be reported to the Human Resources office immediately.


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