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CC05b Attendance at PTA Events

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    Schools are non-typical employers in that the reputation and growth of a school is, in part, dependent upon building a community to which parents and families are excited to belong. As with most schools, SSIS organizes a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) to which all student families and teachers belong. The dues each year are extremely modest at VND 400,000 per child (approximately USD 18).
    While a voluntary contribution, it is expected that all employees and faculty members with children attending SSIS will pay this amount. This money is used to sponsor a number of events each year for the community.
    The major PTA events each year include:
    PTA Morning Social (opening of school year)
    Middle School Blasts (several throughout the year)
    Fall Family Fun Day (September)
    International Week (October)
    PTA Halloween Event (October)
    Teacher Appreciation Luncheon (late November)
    PTA Parent Evening Social (December)
    PTA Adult Socials (late Fall, late Spring)
    Spring Family Fun Day (March)
    PTA Parent Evening Social (late May)
    All PTA events are lists on the All School Parent/Student Calendar which is pushed to all teachers and administrators. In the School’s efforts to increase our community engagement, with the exception of divisional-specific Middle School Blasts, administrators are expected to be at all events unless away from School on School business. Employees and faculty are expected to attend both Family Fun Days and the events of International Week. Employees and faculty are encouraged to attend as many other PTA events as they are able.
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