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CC04 Types of Leave

    At Saigon South International School, we believe that learning is best in a communal environment and thus attendance at school, for students and faculty, is vital to the life of the School. All employees are expected to make every endeavour to be at school on all instructional  and all professional development days except under extraordinary circumstances. The following types of leaves are granted under the School’s Supplemental Terms of Employment, though the exact nature of the leave may vary with based on contract type. As always, employees should refer to their personal contract papers for the precise listing of their benefits. All employees should bear in mind that the minimum block of time which may be requested as leave is a half-day.
    The terms of leave are detailed in the Supplemental Terms of Employment. If any discrepancy is found between this handbook and the Supplemental Terms of Employment, the latter is the governing document.

    Annual Leave

    All days of the year preceeding or following scheduled acadmic and professional development days are deemed the employee's annual leave. The school year generally opens at the beginning of August and closes after the second week of June. All new employees are expected to report approximately two weeks before returning faculty, usually in the third week of July.

    Compassionate Leave

    Compassionate leave is only offered to individuals on full-time foreign hire contracts. During the time of the contract, and with the approval of the Head of School, the employee may be granted leave for the imminent death, terminal illness, or death of an immediate family member. Such leave only covers the death of relatives specifically mentioned in the Supplemental Terms of Employment.

    The leave is available only once per eligible relation. Airfare is not offered for surviving family members of the employee, even if they are also employed full-time by SSIS.

    Birth or Adobption Leave

    The terms of the SSIS Birth or Adoption Leave is full described in the Supplemental Terms of Employment. It is important to note that leave must begin no later than the date of birth for the child or the date the parents take possession of an adopted child.

    Leave must be taken contiguously and may not be divided. Leave days which fall during annual leave, school holidays, and weekends are still counted towards the maximum number of days.

    Personal Leave

    Up to two days of paid personal leave may be used each school year with prior approval of the divisional principal and the Head of School. Requests for personal leave shall be submitted to appropriate divisional principal ten (10) days prior to the proposed date of absence, when possible. Personal leave is only granted for absences within HCMC due to circumstances beyond the control of the staff member, such as business that cannot be conducted at any other time. Examples of appropriate use of personal leave would include religious obligations or attendance at a legal hearing that has been scheduled during the workday.

    Personal leave time will not be approved during the first or last three weeks of school except in extenuating circumstances. Personal leave may not be taken adjacent to school holidays, and multiple personal leave days may not be used together to extend a weekend (e.g. a Friday and Monday combination). Personal leave does not accumulate from year to year.

    The number of available qualified substitute teachers may limit the number of personal leave days that may be granted at any one time. Unused personal leave days are reimbursed at a rate of USD $50 gross per day at the end of the school year.

    Recruitment Leave

    To be eligible for recruitment leave, an employee must be a full-time teacher, must successfully complete the current contract, and must declare before November 15th that he or she will not be returning to SSIS the following year. Recruitment leave is up to five days, the first two of which are deducted from the teacher’s personal leave for that year. The additional three days are only granted as necessary and may not be “saved” for a later date.

    Sick Leave

    All full-time employees who are covered under the School’s comprehensive medical insurance are eligible for ten-days per year of sick leave. A maximum of ten (10) paid leave days are authorized for each academic year for illness and/or family medical emergencies.

    The employee may accumulate unused sick days to a maximum accrual of thirty (30) days over the course of three separate contracts. Any unused leave merits a USD $50 gross per day bonus at termination of employment, or following the third year of employment, for unused days exceeding the 30 day maximum accrual. Sick leave is intended for treatment, care, and/or recuperation that must occur during the working day. Except for medical emergencies, or days when the teacher is ill, or similar circumstances, medical care should be arranged at times outside of regular school working hours. Teachers absent for more than three consecutive days must provide a doctor’s certificate for the absence.

    Sick leave may be used to care for a sick dependent residing with the teacher or for emergency childcare.

    Should a teacher take addtional sick leave (personal or for the care of a dependent) that is not granted under this policy, the teacher’s pay will be deducted at the daily rate of that teacher.

    Leave without Pay

    The following statement applies to all contracts:

    Leave without pay may be authorized in advance by the Head of School, and will be contingent upon the operational needs of the School. Pay will be deducted from the next monthly salary payment at the daily rate of pay calculated against the annual base salary. Such leave is considered in extraoridnary cases and is not considered a right of the employee. 


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