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    200113_SYLTE, MARK.jpg
    Mark Iver SYLTE 
    Head of School 
    Wk: +84854130901;31090
    Mb: +84903847113
    Appointed 2013
    100404_Le Thi Minh Hien.jpg
    LE Hien Thi Minh
    Administrative Asst. to the
    Head of School
    Wk: +84854130901;31070
    Appointed 1997
    HO Tram Mai
    Administrative Asst. to the
    Head of School
    Wk: +84854130901;31071
    Appointed 2016


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    FONG Wai Mun
    Associate Head of School for
    Finance and Operations
    Wk: +84854130901;31240
    Mb: +84906893988
    Appointed 2007
    200106_Nguyen, Hang Thuy.jpg
    NGUYEN Hang Thuy
    Administrative Asst. to Assoc.
    Head of School
    Wk: +84854130901;31308
    Appointed 2012


    200172_Nguyen, Ha Noi.jpg
    NGUYEN Hanoi
    Human Resource Manager
    Wk: +84854130901;31150
    Appointed 2014
    NGUYEN Mai
    Human Resources Executive
    Wk: +84854130901;31305
    Appointed 2007


    All Saigon South International School employees work towards a common mission and under a common set of policies, procedures and expectations. This section details those policies which are common to all foreign hire employees, whether or not they work full-time or part-time, whether they work in the offices or in the classrooms. Those policies, procedures and expectations which are specific to the teaching faculty are detailed in the SSIS Faculty Handbook, while any policies, procedures and expectations which are specific to a particular division are covered in the divisional faculty handbook.
    All employees of SSIS are expected to consult School publications when they have questions regarding practices at the School. Failure to do so will not be seen as a mitigating reason should an employee fail to follow established School practice or adhere to School expectations.
    The Vietnamese Labour Contract and the School’s Supplemental Terms of Employment are considered the chief governing documents regarding employment at SSIS. In any and all questions regarding employment, terms and benefits, these two documents have primacy of place. In any discrepancy between the Labour Contract and the Supplemental Terms of Employment and this handbook, the former two documents shall serve as the basis for all school decisions.


    The primary documents for employment school are:
    1. The initial offer of employment.
    2. The Supplemental Terms of Employment.
    3. The official Labour Contract (in Vietnamese and English)
    4. A legal visa for entry into Vietnam.
    5. A work permit for lawful employment in Vietnam.
    All contracts are for a definite period of time, and all contracts terminate on the date of expiry. New contracts are not considered to be extensions of any previous contracts but stand alone. The Head of School may offer a new, additional contract, again for a definite period of time; the teacher may accept or decline that offer. The offering of a contract is not a guarantee that a second contract will be offered upon the expiry of the first.
    By established School practice, the initial contract period for International Foreign Hires is two school years, from July 1 of the first year to June 30 of the second year. The initial contract period for a Local Foreign Hire Contract (full-time or part-time) is one year, from July 1 to June 30. There may also be occasions when a Local Hire contract is for only part of a school year.
    All benefits, including, but not limited to, health insurance, life insurance, long-term disability, housing, tuition credit, etc. cease at the end of the contract period.
    All services provided by the school, including, but not limited to, email and network storage, end on the final date of the contract and it is expected that the employee will make any necessary preparations for continued service or the copying of personal files stored on School servers before his or her employment ends.


    The Supplemental Terms of Employment, signed by the employee after arrival at the start of their first contract, and prior to the start of any future contracts, governs the terms, conditions, and benefits due to the employee under said contract. A soft copy is provided to the employee after the agreement has been signed and filed with the Human Resource Department. A digital copy is kept with the employee’s contract files. Employees are urged to refer to this document and direct any questions to the Head of School.
    The following sections are offered to answer specific questions which have raised regarding particular benefits. The list is not intended to be exhaustive.
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