SSIS Link Food Committee Dec 2013 Food Survey Results

Dec 2013 Food Survey Results

    1. Who participated in the survey?

    Members of the survey Total

    Grade-1 students


    Grade-2 students


    Grade-3 students


    Grade 3-5


    MS Students


    HS Students


    EC-ES Parents 66
    MS Parents 18
    HS Parents 17
    Faculty 40
    Staff 11

     2. Survey results from G1-G3 students


    * Grade-1 students



    * Grade-2 students

    * Grade-3 students


    3. Survey results from Parents, students and staff:


    1. How would you rate the overall quality of food?



    2. I believe there is enough variety and choice available.



    3. The portion amounts are enough.



    4. I think the cafeteria staff are helpful and respectful.



    5. The set menu prices are good value for money.



    6. The a-la-carte choices are good value for money.



    7. Meatless Mondays were instituted to raise awareness of resource use in food production. Which statement best reflects your feelings?



     3. Survey results for HS Kiosk:

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