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    The Food Committee serves as a conduit between the school community and the food vendor providers on campus. 


    It's primary purpose is to provide a forum for discussion and decision-making concerning nutrition, health and hygiene of our food services and to ensure appropriate menu selection and pricing given the EC – 12 school setting. School community members are encouraged to share feedback and opinions with your local representative.  


    Meeting Agenda and Minutes: Food Committee Minutes

    Recent Survey Results


    Members: EC/ES Associate Principal, Teacher representatives from all three school divisions ES, MS, HS, PTA representative, the school nurse

    Your representatives are:

    PTA (parents):  Irmin Mantingh

    Parent Liaison: Delma Park

    Teachers:  Melissa Martin, Karen Upton, Amy Flynn, William Medina

    Vendors: Stephen Kerslake, Ailene Chesneau (The Caterers), Dang Ha (Fruit World)

    School Nurse: Thu Nguyen

    Administration: Barbara Reynolds


    Recommendation to meet quarterly to:

    •Develop partnership between cafeteria vendors and Food Committee that commits to regular, researched-based discussion concerning healthy, nutritional food services for students and SSIS community.

    •Review, update and ensure compliance with SSIS Health and Hygiene Standards (see booklet).

    •Evaluate food offerings and pricing on a regular basis.


    This year's work will focus on the following areas:

    School Policy, Service, Nutrition, Communication, 

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